Support for Windows XP and Windows POS Ready 2009

Windows POS Ready

By now you should know that Windows XP has been long since dead in the world of reliable operating systems. It has been upwards of three years since Microsoft provided system or security updates. We will be ending all technical support for machines running Windows XP or POS Ready 2009 on July 1st, 2017, regardless of support plan. We recommend migrating systems to the most recent version, Windows 10. Please please give us a call at 802-893-3130 or email us if you have any questions about options for your system if you are still running Windows XP or POS Ready 2009. We are here to help!

Along with this we are asking all customers to please update their internet explorer by clicking Here

Now you can bring payments to the customer with Cayans news hand-held Genius device

Hand-Held PIN pad

these are EMV, NFC, and magistrate ready with sig cap and PIN capabilities. The hand-held genius can accept all payment types including apple pay and google wallet. Best of all the hand-held genius has all the security of the original genius device. For more information call CSS.